Thursday, August 12, 2010

Snoring Dental Treatment California

Stop Snoring and Sleep Better!
Dental Snoring Treatment CA
Are you or a loved one unable to get a good night’s sleep because of snoring or sleep apnea? We have a simple, effective way to treat not only snoring but sleep apnea that is an alternative to the bulky CPAP machine. Our dental device you wear at night can reduce annoying snoring and sleep apnea without surgery or medication. You CAN sleep better! Just ask us how.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Waterlase Dentistry Flintridge Dental Studio CA

Say ‘Good-bye’ to Drills and Needles!
Waterlase Dentistry CA

Is it possible to have a completely comfortable dental visit with virtually no pain and never feel the drill or that dreaded needle? At Flintridge Dental Studio it is! We use a breakthrough dental laser called the Waterlase MD™ that REPLACES SHOTS and DRILLS for most dental procedures.

The Waterlase actually focuses its energy on water it sprays out instead of on the tooth to instantly vaporize tooth decay. It’s so painless, most of the time patients don’t even require a shot. Since this new laser sterilizes the tooth as it removes decay, without creating micro-cracks in teeth like the drill can, it greatly reduces the possibility of ever needing a crown or root canal. And because there is no heat buildup or vibration, there is no inflammation of the nerve, so tooth sensitivity is no longer an issue. In fact, the Waterlase has so many benefits, it’s truly changing the way we do dentistry!

Flintridge Dental Studio in La Canada Flintridge California now offers waterlase dentistry to our patients.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Oral Cancer Screening La Canada Flintridge CA

Oral Cancer – Are You at Risk?

Did you know that one American dies every hour from oral cancer? And the mortality rate has remained virtually unchanged for 40 years? The good news is that there’s a 90% cure rate if it’s detected early. We are very pleased to provide one of the most effective oral cancer screenings available today. Vizilite™ is the newest FDA-approved oral cancer screening system. We perform the exam using the specially designed light. Any suspicious tissue is immediately and easily visible. This screening could literally save your life!

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